Onboard Alternator for Zenoah RC Engines






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Helibug Gas800 Laser

 CNC Laser Cut Aluminum Gasser Conversion kit for Trex 700 Electric (V3)




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24V/48V/96V 900 Watt Generator Kit

Helibug AXF90X 900 Watt Battery Charger Generator Kit for Zenoah G320RC or Honda GX35




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Helibug Finch X4

Finch X4 Gasbug Module for Helibug Open-Source.



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Please check our newest 50 Watt Alternator for R/C Helicopters: Here

If you landed on this page looking for our newest 12V DC 500 Watt Generator, please click this link for
Helibug AXF350-12VDC 500 Watt Generator w/ Zenoah G270RC Engine

Helibug Powerbug Alternator/Generator for Zenoah RC Series of Engines

Unique onboard power generator using flywheel magnets

100% plug-and-play Design - instant powersource with a onboard voltage regulator

Specially designed Core for maximum generation
Installs on the same location as Ignition Coil

Note: Its a Single phase/Low Frequency DC Generator


Installs on any Helicopter using RC Engine or RC Car from HPI (Models HPI Baja 5b/5T/5SC)


Check out our upcoming High power, High Frequency, full cycle multi phase DC Generator- Coming Soon !

Helibug Powerbug PRO !

Test Video
Using 5 x 10 watt (9-12v) High Power LED - for a total of 50 watts

Note: Distance between the Alternator and Flywheel is critical and effects power output. Please keep the distance to less then 2mm - Do not install the Alternator too close to the flywheel

Maximum volts (at idle) = 4.5v-5.5v
Maximum Volts (at around 12000rpm) = 10v-16v
Max Ampere at Idle = 0.5-1.0
Max Ampere at around 12000rpm = 2.2-2.7 Amp

(all values are +/- 20%)

Total Weight = 2.80 oz (80 Grams)

  Easy plug-and-play connectors for connecting Charger/Regulator



Regulator / Charger for NiMH/NiCD or Lifepo4 Batteries
NiCD/NiMH/Lifepo4 charger with onboard LED Volt meter
both Input and output voltages can be displayed on the LED Volt Meter
fully adjustable output for any number of cells - for use with NiMH/NiCD or Lifepo4 batteries
Default output voltages set for 4 cell NiMH/NiCD to 5.4v
connectors for both input/output







WARNING: The radio controlled model helicopter built from this conversion kit is not a toy and is not meant for children. It is a flying machine capable of causing property damage and serious bodily harm to both the operator/assembler and/or spectator if not built and operated correctly and responsibly. Rotating components, especially the main rotor blades, are an ever-present danger. Model helicopters operate differently than model cars and airplanes. Helicopters by their nature are not positively stable, meaning that even if properly assembled and adjusted, helicopters will not recover from an unwanted flight attitude, nor will they hold any particular orientation without constant control inputs from the pilot.


HELIBUG has spent considerable time making this product reliable and easy to build, but only the operator can insure that it is safe. Because the safe operation of this helicopter is beyond the control of the Manufacturer and distributor, the owner/operator assumes all risk of use.



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