DBug-600 Universal w/ Alligator Aerodyn

RC Gas/Petrol/Benzine Helicopter Reference Design Kit for All Align Trex600/Clones






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Release Date: 08/18/2016


 DBug 600 Universal R/C Gasser for Any Trex-600 Nitro or Electric or Clone

DBug-600 Universal with Alligator Aerodyn

DBug-600 Universal
 Item Name: DBug-600 Universal with Alligator Aerodyn
 Item Price: $429.99   Available on Order Only
 Item SKU:   HBDBUG600U-1xTH

2x Side Frame
1x Alligator Aerodyn Crankcase Plates (Top & Bottom)
1x Helical/Slant Pinion
1x Clutch Mount w/ Screw
1x Elevator Swash Lock
1x Elevator Servo Spacer
1x Tail Servo Spacer
1x Aleron/Pitch angular throw servo spacer
1x Pinion Bearing Block Spacers
1x Dubro Fuel Tank

 18T Helical/Slant Pinion : Gear Ratio = 6.55  << RECOMMENDED
 17T Helical/Slant Pinion : Gear Ratio = 6.94
 16T Helical/Slant Pinion : Gear Ratio = 7.37
Product Description Universal R/C Gas Helicopter Reference Design Kit using Any Trex600
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DBug-600 Universal - 'Required Parts Package'

product image  Item Name: DBug-600 Universal  - 'Required Parts Package'

 Item SKU:   HBDBUG600-RP-x

These parts are essential to complete the build. All part numbers for each package are listed at the bottom fo the page.  At the moment, we only offer parts specific to Dominator 600L or Complete package which applies to the rest of the 600 models from Align or third party manufacturers.

You can also buy these parts from any local hobby shop worldwide !
    $99.99  -   For Align Trex-600L Dominator Only
    $189.99 - Complete package for all other Trex-600/ESP Pro/Nitro/Clone

Internal Spacer for Trex-600 Electric/ESP/Pro/Clone Frame Width Compatibility

product image
 Item Name: Internal Spacer for Trex-600 Electric/ESP/Pro/Clone Frame Width Compatibility

 Item Price: $59.99  - Available on Order Only


Product Description  This is required for all Trex-600 Electric/ESP/Pro/Clone models with reduced frame width. 
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CNC Machined Lightened Flywheel

product image
 Item Name: CNC Machined Lightened Flywheel for all Zenoah/CY RC engines

 Item Price: $99.99    Available on Order Only (DIY'able)

 Item SKU:   HBAD-FW

  Flywheel machining dimensions: Link to Alligator Aerodyn for details

Product Description  Fits all Zenoah/CY RC engines 
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Flywheel Cover (Optional)

product image
 Item Name: Flywheel Cover

 Item Price: $34.99  - Available on Order Only

 Item SKU:   HBFWC

Product Description  Flywheel cover
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Spring Loaded Removable Pull Start (Optional)

product image
 Item Name: Spring Loaded Removalble Pull Start Kit

 Item Price: $99.99  -  out of stock


Product Description  Flywheel cover
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Alligator Aerodyn on DBug-600 Universal

R/C Gas/Petrol/Benzine Helicopter Reference Design Kit

Using Align Trex-600L Dominator or

Any Trex-600 Nitro/Electric or Clones/Variants

(Hobbyking HK-600GT, Chaos 600 Nitro, VWINRC 600ESP, Flasher 600, Phoenixtech 600 and many more)



DBug-600 Universal is the result of years of research and development. Our reference r/c gas helicopter kit is built around Alligator Aerodyn capabilities. Few of the most unique features are detailed below to get a glimpse of this high quality r/c gas helicopter. Alligator Aerodyn not only reduces the physical size & bulk of the Zenoah/CY RC engine, but also makes it possible to have a smallest r/c gas helicopter with an excellent  'power to weight' ratio properties. A 600 size r/c helicopter is the most unique and favored size among most flyers worldwide. All 600 size r/c helicopter replacement parts are available all over the world by one manufacturer or another; most of which are high quality CNC machined at a very low cost. Not to mention, third party manufactured parts for a 600 size r/c helicopters are second to none in regards to availalibilty, options, stregth and compatability. The small size makes it even more convenient because it is easier to travel with. Reduced width and length  by using integrated mounting system as a 'stepped base plate' gives a much more sharp and maneuverable size as compared to any other r/c gas helicopter model ever designed.

Note: Flyers using a modified engine; please check with your engine modifier for the maximum temperatures their modified engine hits. Modified engines  produces much more heat (in some cases up to 300 Farhanheit) compare to stock engine. 

Alligator Aerodyn mod is tested on a stock Zenoah/CY engine with no over heating issues.


Page link: Introduction to Alligator Aerodyn (Zenoah RC Engine Mod)



Sleek / Light Weight

DBug-600 Universal, once complete 'ready-to-fly' built with Align Dominator 600L, without fuel will weighs around 11.31 Lbs. This includes a 3600MAh NiMH battery (which is heavier than LiPo). DBug-600 Universal is not only light but, also designed in a very dynamic 3D r/c gas helicopter. With an unbeatable 'power-to-weight' ratio, Helibug is proud to be the first to introduce the smallest/light weight r/c gas helicopter.

(No bulk/mass at the bottom or on the sides of engine)


Small Form Factor

Alligator Aerodyn's built-in mounting system removes the need of a base plate. This feature not only reduces the length of a helicopter but, also reduces the extra width used by a base plate. The power, DBug-600 Universal  is designed for, requires the use of thicker material (1/8"~3.2mm) for the side frames, turning its performanace even further due to very high quality material Helibug is known to use. Every aspect of a great design is considered before the release of such a fine machine without compromising on the cost of the material.

DBug-600 Universal can handle upto 40cc engine.

Size comparision: Helibug had the pleasure to fix few of the major flaws of a US  based r/c gas manufacturer's products in the past. Here is a comparision of a Whiplash r/c gas helicopter side frame manufactured by Miniature Aircraft USA before it was sold to someone in overseas.


Mechanical Advantage

Aero dynamically engineered design enhances the usable power output of any Zenoah RC (or CY RC) series of engines. In general terms, main gear or an r/c helicopter, not only helps divide the rpm but, also 'restricts' the maximum power usage it will stores per main blade revolution. Main gear also works like a 'mechanical power storage' which infact derives by the 'diameter' of the driven gear. Anytime we need to increase mechanical power flow to our design, our focus would be on increasing the diameter of the driven gear.

Driven gear diameter increases or decreases 'leverage' per main gear revolution. In general, more leverage per revolution is like increasing the capacity of a glass of water, so each time you fill the glass with water (that would be per revolution), you will have more water to consume. Increasing diameter increases the 'power storage capacity' per revolution of the main driven gear enabling us to transfer more power from the engine to the r/c gas helicopter main rotor.  There is much more on the paper during the design phase of such a machine.

Usable powerband is much wider in DBug-600 Universal than any other R/C gas helicopter ever designed. That includes all the 'gas conversions' currently available across the globe.

When Helibug first designed the Trex-700 Gas Conversion, the best part of the model was (and still is) the original main gear. There was no other r/c gas helicopter at the time using that big of a diameter for the main gear. That feature alone, enhanced the power flow and mechanical power storage turning our design into an unbeatable 3D flying machine.

Most of the 'competitors' will openly disagree with this mechanical fact  without any supporting proof to their claims - what so ever !

Here is the comparsion of Align Trex-700's 112T Helical/Slant (on left) with 118T Helical/Slant main gear from Trex-600L Dominator (on right).  Also note the material width used around the edges of main gear. That can absorb the power Alligator Aerodyn is capable of producing. No matter what main gear you are currently using on any of the Trex-600 you have, once you go Helibug for your gasser, you will have the pleasure to use the power of a bigger main gear diameter providing added power on any rpm you fly.

(On another note, In 2013, Helibug did a conversion for another r/c gas helicopter manufacturer for a ThunderTiger Raptor E700 Electric to Gasser. A 118T main gear was the one designed to use in that r/c gas conversion - This is way before Align came up with a 118T Helical/Slant main gear for Trex-600L Dominator)

Details from Align Website:

As Align says, a 118T main gear set is a 'performance booster' for Trex-600 models - That performance booster is 'stock' on DBug-600 Universal



Gearing Simplicity

The more gears we use, the more vibrations we induce in the r/c helicopter - especially when its a gasser. It is a mechanical fact. Not only that, multiple gearing setup 'requires' a very powerful engine which currently does not exists. Yes, there are conversions out there using multiple gearing setups but, the engine power for those are never going to be enough due to higher power loses. Going from electric to gas, without redesigning the gearing would makes the R/C gas helicopter extremely 'twitchy' and/or uncontrollable - especially the tail.

Gearing a gasoline/petrol engine just to match the rpm of BLDC motor and using it in  a 'electric to gas conversion'  is not engineering or a true transmission design. Any  'electric to gas conversions' currently available from any other manufacturer lacks the smooth rpm transition due to transmission design flaws. Many videos on YouTube prove this major flaw in those gas conversions.

Multi gearing setup is more for electric motors as those run on higher rpm compared to a gasoline engine. Helibug recommends using single step gearing for any professional 3D R/C gas helicopter.


Pinion Selection / Wide Range of Gear Ratio

This is where all the difference of the world exist and this is the area which makes one model different from another.  We know what these engines can produce. As a DC generator manufacturer, Helibug has invented a few of the best designs for mobile power generators. We have the calculated numbers in the form of electricity wattage of each Zenoah RC engine capability. We know exactly where the power is most suitable to use out of any RC engine. The combination of Alligator Aerodyn with the required power band by the driven 118T helical/slant gear, our most preferred gear ratio is 6.55 (w/ 18T Helical pinion). This gear ratio is the widest usable power band available for all flyers. It can handle anything from light scale flying to hardcore 3D flying by only adjusting the proper headspeed of your model.

Alligator Aerodyn's slotted frame mounting location feature allow multiple gear ratios on DBug-600 Universal.  A 16T Helical/Slant for a gear ratio of 7.37 or a 17T Helical/Slant for a gear ratio of 6.94 is also available for those expert flyers who like to tweak the model capabilities further. Flyers who prefer a modified engine usually go with a 16T pinion, as thats what most engine modifiers recommend worldwide.

Supported Gear Ratio Chart for advance flyers.All main gears are manufactured by Align.

Main Gear / Pinion 16T 17T 18T
118T Main Gear 7.35 6.94 6.55
112T Main Gear 7.00 6.58 6.22
110T Main Gear 6.87 6.47 6.11


Full 'Direct to Swash'

DBug-600 Universal is a full 'direct-to-swash' servo system. Included 'swash lock' plate is added to the design without affecting any other areas for a 'no mechanical mixing' elevator link. This is unlike Align Dominator 600L, which uses mechanical mixing for 'elevator control only'. It is currently the most preferred control system. It has wiide compatiblity with all available flybarless control systems including stock Align BeastX controller, Helicommand (BavarianDEMON), VBar and many other high quality brands.

DBug-600 Universal also includes special spacers for aleron/pitch servos aligning it for a much better 'angular throw' towards the swash plate (optional use)


Align Beastx Governor/RPM Sensor

DBug-600 Universal includes Align Beastx governor sensor location. It can be easily installed inside the side frame with the included spacer/screw. Flyers can utilitze this location for any other rpm sensors made for clutch bell rpm reading.


Clutch System

Helibug has designed the most robust clutch system ever for a gas helicopter, which is manufactured by Lynxheli; this was the 'required' element. The key element in successfull flying is the gap between clutch and liner on the clutch bell. On a gas helicopter, this gap needs to be at the minimum. Close enough for the clutch to spin by hand without touching the liner. In old days when Align was using black liner, the gap was just too much for the stock clutch to keep itself engaged. The multiple bearings from the clutch OWB to the top of the start shaft guarantees concentric running operation. This clutch system is also much lighter in comparision to Zenoah clutch system by a big number.

(Lynx Heli Website Screen Shot)

The good old days, before Align introduced a 'blue liner' are long gone. The original clutch system is already a perfect design for the required power flow.

It is the 'bee's knee's' of DBug-600 Universal and all other top of the line Helibug R/C Gas Conversions.

(Stock Trex700 Clutch, Lynx Trex700 Nitro Clutch, Lynx Gas Clutch or QuickUK Nitro/HD Clutches -  all are 100% compatible with DBug-600 Universal Transmission)


Fuel Tank Location / Visibility / Capacity

DBug-600 Universal support multiple locations. A 10oz Dubro fuel tank comes stock with DBug-600 Universal. Fuel tank mounts under the front assembly makes it highly visible even with the canopy on. Flyers wont need to remove canopy to check the fuel level or refueling.


CG Independent Custom Fuel Tank

DBug-600 Universal supports a custom fuel tank capacity for longer flying time. Fuel tank always effects CG of any r/c gas helicopter. With DBug-600 Universal, it is possible to mount a bigger fuel tank at a 'CG independent' location which goes right under the main shaft at the bottom of the Alligator Aerodyn. A custom fan cover with 16oz Dubro fuel tank is available for those who like to enjoy longer flying time.


Multi Dimensional Frame Design

DBug-600 Universal is designed with a wide range of compatiblity across all align Trex-600 models. Side frame design feature makes use of all main shaft bearing blocks from any Trex-600 version. An additional adapter for DBug-600 Universal adds support to a wide range of 600 size electric models using different frame width. Multi dimensional frame design adds compatibility to a wide range r/c helicopter models into a single machine.

Compatible with any main shaft bearing block of any Trex-600 Electric or Clone r/c helicopter


T/R Drive Gear Compatiblity

DBug-600 Universal is compatiblity with any combination of T/R gears ever designed for a Trex-600 or clone. From the oldest 0.6 module T/R gear pitch to the newest 0.8 module T/R gear pitch, all are compatible with DBug600 Universal. There are no adjustments required to use any T/R gear set combo from any Trex600/clone.


Compatiblity With Any Trex-600 Nitro, Electric, ESP & Clones

This unique feature of DBug-600 Universal makes use of wide range of replacement parts availability from any Trex-600 or clone. Compatibility with all Align Trex-600 models and many Trex-600 clones including Hobbyking HK-600GT, Chaos 600 Nitro, VWINRC 600ESP, Flasher 600, Phoenixtech 600 and many more.


Detachable System

DBug-600 Universal is fully detachable from Alligator Aerodyn. This feature, not only makes it easy to build but, also makes it fully accessable without removing any side frames. This unique feature was first introduced by Helibug for Spark RC Conversion designed for Miniature Aircraft Spectra-G PUH Engine based r/c gas helicopter.


Engine Power Selection

DBug-600 Universal is designed to accept any Zenoah RC Engine inside Alligator Aerodyn (G230RC to G320RC). From the designer's aspect, anything less then a Zenoah G270RC (or equivalent CY RC engine) would be considered 'under-powered' for this setup. There are currently three choices we offer and recommend to use. Depending on your flying style from 'mild to wild' would translate as from G270RC to G320RC for DBug-600 Universal.

Note: Flyers using a modified engine; please check with your engine modifier for the maximum temperatures their modified engine hits. Modified engines  produces much more heat compare to stock engine. 

Alligator Aerodyn mod is tested on a stock Zenoah/CY engine with no over heating issues.


Universal Design to Adopt Any 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Engine (Future)

This feature furthur widens the area of engine selection. DBug-600 Universal is designed in way to use any engine. With a wide range of gearing support, it is possible to adapt any r/c engine. Universal design also support few other gear ratios not mentioned above.  Our material selection plays a great role in handling larger capacity 4-stroke or 2-stroke r/c airplane engines. DBug-600 Universal frames are designed for up to 40cc engine. With the help of additional modules available thru Helibug in a near future, flyers will have the opportunity to try a few of the best known 4-stroke engines. More details on this will be available soon !


Automatic Micro Electric Cooling System Support (Future)

This feature only applies to future 'non-zenoah rc' engine. Custom adapters for other 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines will be available very soon. DBug-600 Universal design features a low power high airflow electric cooling system with automatic or remote/manual engine temperature monitor/controller. This unique system can automatically adjust the required throttle as needed by the engine through live temperature reading and required airflow control.

Helibug was the first to introduce a manual cooling system in one of our conversion for OS GT15Hz engine. DBug-600 Universal adds a touch of a truely automatic r/c engine cooling system.




DBug-600 Hidden Secrets

No, there are no jewels hidden in DBug-600 - that would be too awsome haha... but there are a few secrets kept in the design, hidden from the builder's eye, which will further enhance such a fine 3D flying machine. Upgrading professionally to a 700 size is no dream for DBug600 Universal. I will leave it at that for now. We will come to this soon.

Align Trex-600L Dominator Original Reference Manual

Download link to the original manual for Align Trex-600L Dominator. This manual must be followed strickly for all measurements for assembly.

(Align Part Number: RH60E11X & RH60E14X)

Download Manual


Required Parts Packages Details

DBug-600 Universal is designed to use Trex-700 Nitro (V2) transmission parts. The simplicity of Helibug design does not require anything more then a few parts from Trex-700 Nitro family. This combo is a proven design and plays a major role in a perfect flying machine. You will need one of this package according to your r/c helicopter.











Build Simplicity

DBug-600 Universal follows the original Align Trex-600L Dominator manual. Engine mounting and Swash Lock plate is something not in the manual. Here is how it goes.


use the included aluminum blocks with the swash lock plate

Helibug Inc., USA

Registered Small Corporation in Texas, USA



WARNING: The radio controlled model helicopter built from this conversion kit is not a toy and is not meant for children. It is a flying machine capable of causing property damage and serious bodily harm to both the operator/assembler and/or spectator if not built and operated correctly and responsibly. Rotating components, especially the main rotor blades, are an ever-present danger. Model helicopters operate differently than model cars and airplanes. Helicopters by their nature are not positively stable, meaning that even if properly assembled and adjusted, helicopters will not recover from an unwanted flight attitude, nor will they hold any particular orientation without constant control inputs from the pilot.


HELIBUG has spent considerable time making this product reliable and easy to build, but only the operator can insure that it is safe. Because the safe operation of this helicopter is beyond the control of the Manufacturer and distributor, the owner/operator assumes all risk of use.

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