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 Helibug AXFM350-12V DC 600 Watt Gas/Petrol Axial Flux Generator


product image  Item Name:Helibug AXFM350-12VDC Gas/Petrol Axial Flux Generator with Zenoah G270RC 2-Stroke Engine
 Item Price: $639.99     - Only Available in Quantity      
 Item SKU:   HB-AXFM350-12VDC

--- 12V DC 600+ Watt  ---
--- DC OUTPUT with Built-in 50 Amp 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier  ---
(AC alternator shown in the picture)

With Zenoah G270RC Engine (26cc 2-Stroke Engine)

This item is only available in a minimum quantity of 10 units.
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Product Description Helibug AXFM350-12VDC Axial Flux Gas/Petrol Generator with Zenoah G270RC 2-Stroke Engine
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Helibug AXFM350-12V DC 600 Watt Axial Flux Generator

with Zenoah G270RC 2-Stroke Zenoah Engine

Capable of producing 600+ Watt of Electricity - It can easily hit 700 Watt on higher engine rpm

(Unregulated DC output at ~30V 20+ Ampere)


High Performance / High Power 3-Phase Axial Flux Alternator



Axial Flux Stator is designed to handle upto 900 Watt (upto 15,000 Engine RPM for Modified Engines)


Designed to use as mobile battery charger for Inverter Batteries, Car Batteries, Power Bank, Battery Backup, UPS Batteries


Direct Charging of 12 Volt batteries without any external charger


Direct replacement for 12v 600+Watt Solar Panels without changing your current setup


No Mechanical Parts - Solid State Direct-Drive Design


Full CNC Machined Extremely Rigid Steel Enclosure - Made with Industrial Grade Material


Excellent for mobile battery charging use for Home Power/UPS Battery, small Electric Vehicles (EV), Electric Bicycles, Ebike, RV's, Boats, Camping, Hobby, R/C Mobile Charging, Field/site backup generator/battery charger or wherever you see it fit !


Compatible with 12V DC to 110v/220v AC Inverters for battery-less direct operation


Compatible with Wind/Solar MPPT Charge Controllers / PWM Chargers


Compatible with all 12V input car chargers for Industrial/Home/RC/Hobby etc


Continuous output of 350 Watts @ 6000 Engine RPM will consume ~0.225 gallons of gasoline per hour
1 gallon of fuel can run this generator for upto 4 hours !


Now, tell me, Are you still going to wait for the sun to start shining or the wind to start blowing before your battery can start charging? !


You wont find a "Battery Charger Generator" like Helibug AXFM350-12VDC in this Power ratings,Size and Price in the World !


We ship worldwide via United States Postal Express Service (Online Trackable)

Buyers from countries with no PayPal can send payment thru Bank Wire Transfer/WU



 Please let us know if you need any other voltage output. We can manufacture 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V or 96V output stator for Generator

Excellent addition for Small Electric Vehicles (EV)




Introducing Helibug AXFM350-12V Axial Flux Generator (patent pending)

 This small generator is capable of generating high power output using a small 2-stroke engine. It can generate 450 watt of power @ ~8000 Engine RPM.  Built-in axial flux alternator, designed to make the most power at low engine rpm - without running the engine on high rpm. AXFM350-12V stator can handle upto 900 Watt of power (Absolute maximum).


Small form factor with a 2-Stroke Zenoah G270RC Engine makes it a true mobile/portable generator ever designed. With absolutely no mechanical parts to fail, enclosed in a heavy duty steel case with an embedded handle makes it easy to carry anywhere.


The heart of AXFM350-12V generator is the air core 3-phase axial flux alternator, producing High power output at low engine speed, resulting in even higher power output when engine accelerates above 6000 rpm.

Benchtesting shows ~450 Watt power output at only 8000 rpm (recorded data)


There are absolutely no gears, bearings, shafts, pulleys, belts to fail or worry about. Direct drive with a specially designed Axial Flux Alternator is capable of running at high RPM

 Zenoah engines works just like any other 2-stroke engines widely used in lawn mowers. These engines last a long time as the power output its designed to produce is far less then the actual capabilities of this engine.


No Load Voltage = 30 Volts

Number of Internal Phases = 3 Phase

50 Ampere Internal 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier

Power output = 600+ Watt

Stator Power Handling = 900 Watt Absolute Maximum

Size = 190 x 245 x 190

Weight = 17.5 Lbs (7.94 KG)



* Generator must be mounted properly before use.

* Benchmark tested with 0.5 Ohm resistor load.

* Power output can be restricted to any specific output by using current limiting resistor (Not Included).



  We also accept Overseas 'Bank Letter of Credit' for large quantity orders


Dealers inquiries welcome sales@helibug.com

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Designed and Manufactured by Helibug (patent pending)



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