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Release Date: 08/18/2016 


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Introducing Alligator Aerodyn

Modification for all Zenoah RC Series of Engines to use in R/C Gas Helicopters

(G230RC, G240RC, G260RC, G270RC, G290RC and G3x0RC)


In 2009, when Helibug first introduced a unique mounting system design for Zenoah RC Engine, It was an obvious winner. After a lot of critics in the begining from all over the world, it turned out that many manufacturers started to dump a copy of our design without adding any innovation to it. Lesson learned :)

offcourse, it is the most successful mounting system ever designed in the history of RC Helicopter by Helibug.

But many of the 'copiers' missed the most important part of a correct gear ratio. In the history of r/c gas helicotper, before Helibug was established, any gas helicopter gear ratio below 7 was like 'the sky will fall' - these are the documented expressions left on many public forums if you search a little. Our gear ratios made it possible to flow more usable power to the r/c gas helicopters.

Its now time to give a better design in the form of Alligator Aerodyn

As important as 'weight' is in any RC Helicoapter, 'Mass' is equally important for any 3D maneuvers. Flying in 3D takes a lot more power from the engine when there is a huge mass trying to fight the wind during flips, rolls or any other 3D flying. It is a mathematical fact.


Alligator Aerodyn is based on any stock zenoah rc engine. Utilizing the engine without pull start and pull start cover to reduce a huge mass and weight off the engine.

 Alligator Aerodyn does not require pull assembly and pull start cover


Note: Flyers using a modified engine; please check with your engine modifier for the maximum temperatures their modified engine hits. Modified engines  produces much more heat (in some cases up to 300 Farhanheit) compare to stock engine. 

Alligator Aerodyn mod is tested on a stock Zenoah/CY engine with no over heating issues.



Reduced Mass

Alligator Aerodyn is a re-engineered modification for any Zenoah RC engine with basic Aero Dynamics applied to the engine design to reduce excess mass in the form of stock fan cover, pull start and lightened flywheel. Alligator Aerodyn uses the core of any Zenoah RC engine. Modular design for additional advance features like built-in remote mini autostart & spring loaded pull start.

Using 'engine crankcase' as a strong connecting element, Alligator Aerodyn features a built-in  'stepped mounting' system to reduce the width & length of the side frames. This modification alone, reduces around 40% mass from the engine.


Embedded Engine Internals / Engine Turn-off Switch & RPM Sensor Locations

The Alligator Aerodyn CNC machined fiber reinforced bottom plate is machined with the engine internals to house stock fan shroud, flywheel, ignition and engine turn-off switch. Skids mounts direct to the bottom plate at an independent location which does not require you to remove the side frame screws. Any RPM sensor for gyro can be installed with a ziptie easily.


Lightened Flywheel - DIY'able :)

From years, lightened flywheel is used as an option on  HPI Baja R/C cars. It is a 'time tested' method, used to cut some weight off of r/c car. A pull-start is the only way to start r/c car unlike r/c helicopter, where we have the option to start the engine with built-in start shaft  using electric starter. Alligator Aerodyn does not require zenoah stock pull starter area as the design allows us to use Spring Loaded pull start.

With this feature, almost 15mm of the bottom mass from the flywheel is removed. It is a proven technique - only better in r/c gas helicopter.

A modified flywheel or complete engine with modified flywheel is available through Helibug. This mod can be a DIY with a small hobby size lathe or from any small machine shop or ask your favorite engine seller/modifier.

(For DIY: Flywheel fins needs to cut down by 11.50mm - Center area used for pull start needs to cut down by 15mm)



Spring Loaded Removable Pull Start Option  (Coming Soon)

Agronomically designed pull start lever direction for even easier pull. With an 'optional' attachment for spring loaded pull start from CY 46cc engine, turns the starting mechanism into almost effortless. This also guarantees that you never break your r/c gas helicopter skids. Spring loaded system makes it easier as its loaded with spring acts like power storage. you will never need to hold your r/c gas helicopter with a foot to start. This gives the flyers additional pleasure start from the begining of a nice flying day.


On-board 150+ Watt Alternator/Generator Option  (Coming Soon)

Alligator Aerodyn features an on-board alternator/generator. High power in a small size.This alternator will require the bottom part of the engine and installs on the flywheel. More details will be available very soon !


Integrated Side Frame Mounting

Alligator Aerodyn utilizes engine mounting from both sides of Crankcase (Top & Bottom) and works as a 'stepped-baseplate'. Engine crankcase keeps a strong bond between the top and bottom plates eliminating the need for additional frame material used on the forward side of the r/c helicopter.



With all that, Alligator Aerodyn is fully detachable system - just like Helibug Spark Design. You will be able to remove Alligator Aerodynr completly without the need to remove any sides of your r/c helicopter.


Overall, around 40% of the 'mass' is removed from the engine resulting in a much better performance without wasting too much power due to a huge mass when flying  in 3D

Like any other nitro engine, you will need a Helicopter Engine Starter - Align Super Starter can handle the starting section perfectly. Thats what Helibug recommends to use for all non-DIY flyers. If you are a DIY'er than there is nothing better than a custom Dynatron starter with Makita Lithium battery pack :)

Other than DBug-600 Universal, Alligator Aerodyn will be available for many other active RC Helicopter models



Please follow the links on the left for 'Alligator Aerodyn Enabled' r/c gas helicopter reference design kits






WARNING: The radio controlled model helicopter built from this conversion kit is not a toy and is not meant for children. It is a flying machine capable of causing property damage and serious bodily harm to both the operator/assembler and/or spectator if not built and operated correctly and responsibly. Rotating components, especially the main rotor blades, are an ever-present danger. Model helicopters operate differently than model cars and airplanes. Helicopters by their nature are not positively stable, meaning that even if properly assembled and adjusted, helicopters will not recover from an unwanted flight attitude, nor will they hold any particular orientation without constant control inputs from the pilot.


HELIBUG has spent considerable time making this product reliable and easy to build, but only the operator can insure that it is safe. Because the safe operation of this helicopter is beyond the control of the Manufacturer and distributor, the owner/operator assumes all risk of use.

















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