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Zenoah RC Engine Governor Sensor Plate

Included FREE w/ all Conversion Kits !!!

Available Now!

Alligator Aerodyn on DBug-600 Universal

For any Trex-600 Nitro/Electric/Pro/Dominator or any clone



Hybridge 9X on Kickstarter !


Helibug Core7 for Trex700 Nitro (V1)


'Performance Booster' from Align Taiwan

A larger diameter main gear - promises better performance


a larger diameter driven gear, guarantees performance !

Mechanical leverage plays a big role for r/c gas helicopter flyers. Zenoah RC engine does have the power to handle a larger diameter main gears.

Please note that using a 118T main gear will require at least a Zenoah G270RC engine.


Available Now

16T Helical/Slant Pinion Upgrade for Core7, Core7 Lite & Power 460

Open-Source is now compatible with all new  112T Helical/Slant Main Gear for Trex700N from Align



Universal Clutch Mount System

Used in All 90 Size R/C Gas/Petrol Conversions


High Quality Slant/Helical Pinion for a wide range  of gear ratios compatible with Latest Align Trex Models


Introducing: Pulsebug - Contactless RPM/Governor Sensor

for 'Any' Gasoline/Petrol Engine


Engineered for best performance from 'Stock Zenoah RC Engine'

Lowest 'all up weight' compare to any

RC Gasser/Petrol/Benzine Helicopter in the World :)

All Helibug Trex 700 Nitro (Version 1) gas conversion kits are compatible with Helical/Slant gearing (main/tail) upgrades from Align for Trex700 Nitro Version  2 !



Helibug Open Source Core7 Now with Free Engine Mount Upgrade


Align Trex700 Clutch bell with Blue Liner

The new clutch bell from Align with a 'blue' clutch bell liner is the best upgrade from Align. This clutch bell uses thicker clutch liner. It has a much better gap between the original Trex700 Nitro Clutch and the Clutch Bell.

I highly recommend using Align Trex700 Clutch with the NEW Align Trex700 Clutch bell

There is no need to upgrade to Lynx Gas Clutch as original the "Gap" with the older Align Clutch bell was unacceptable for gasser performance. Also, there is no need to fix any tolerances for the Trex700 clutch to fit into the bell as it is factory adjusted for the best performance.

100% compatibilty with the Trex700, flyers can benefit from not only Lynx Gas Clutch, but, also QuickUK standard and HD clutches along with the Lynx stock Trex700 Clutch.  More choices of clutches to choose from !

This applies to All Helibug Gas Connversion Kits which uses Original Trex700 Mechanics




Introducing: Helibug 12V and 36V DC 500 Watt Gas/Petrol Generator

All Our products are manufactured with the Highest Grade G10/FR4 Material in the World, Manufactured by one of the biggest supplier in the USA

We do not bargain on the quality of our product and strive to maintain a high specification standards both in material selection and manufacturing

We are a proud Manufacturer in the United States of America

Serving Gas/Petrol Helicopter Flyers since 2009 !

Strongest and Simplest,  Bolt-On Gas/Petrol Conversion Kits/Upgrades

for Align Trex550, Trex600, Trex700, Trex800, Trex700 Electric, ThunderTiger Raptor 60/90, JSModel TZ90 Frenzy, Miniature Aircraft Spectra-G and Straturs


10% Storewide Discount offered to All local and Overseas customers who sends their payments via Personal Check/Money Order/Wire Transfer

All Overseas orders are shipped via USPS Express (Trackable)

All orders ships out in 5-7 business days










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